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Summer of Astronomy 2016

As we enter the final stretch of summer, now is a good time to reflect on some of the astronomy adventures I had this time around. They include trips to GMARS and to the Trona Pinnacles for the meetup as well as a overnight stay at Mt. Piños to cool off.

Along the way, there were Perseids to be seen, photos to be taken and stars to be gazed upon.

The dark-sky site of the Riverside Astronomical Society, GMARS, is my astronomy main stay as it's where I have a permanent observatory. In the summer months, it can easily get to 110° F during the day and often doesn't cool below 80° F at night. So, occasionally it's nice to get to a mountain top where it's nice and cool...

Mt. Piños
When the desert gets too hot and all you can do is stand still to stay cool, the mountains can provide a much-needed respite. Most of the southern California mountains are awash in light pollution. One of the few remaining sanctuaries is Mt. Piños near the intersection of Los A…