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Nightfall 2015: A Wrap and a Recap

The 22nd Nightfall Star Party is a wrap — And it was another great success! The weather was excellent with hardly a cloud in the sky (don't let the photos from Wednesday below fool you). Attendance was excellent, the workshops were great, and a couple of unplanned events got everyone's attention (see the Thursday and Saturday entries below)!

Before we get to the photos... How about a video recap?

Most of these photos were previously posted but I've reposted them here in higher quality and added some new ones.

So, here's your breakdown of Nightfall, day-by-day...

Some, like me, try to arrive in Borrego Springs on Wednesday. These photos from the drive to the Palm Canyon Hotel show that the sky wouldn't be cooperating that night.

By the next day, clouds gave way to perfectly clear skies for the first official night of Nightfall!

This is typically the day when things really get going at Nightfall. Most attendees show up, the hotel and RV park b…

Nightfall 2015 — Saturday

Update #4 — Saturday

By Saturday, pretty much everyone who will be arriving has arrived. The RV park is looking pretty full and there's lots to see and do. My wife, sister and I opted for breakfast at Red Ocotillo, doing some solar observing, and hanging out by the pool. All good choices.

Here are some quick, single images from my imaging session tonight:

At 6:05PM, I was standing talking to my wife and sister. I was facing west southwest when I noticed an orange trail shooting up over the mountains leaving a sparkler-like trail. It quickly burst into a giant cloud that got larger and larger over the next couple of minutes. We were all stunned and amazed! We later found out that it was a test launch of an unarmed Trident II missile from the Kentucky submarine somewhere off the San Diego coast.

Nightfall 2015 — Friday

Update #3 — Friday

The weather at Nightfall continues to impress. Daytime highs are around 75° F (but feels like 85 in direct sunlight) and evening temps are hovering around 50° F but drop to the mid 40s at the coldest.

Nightfall 2015 — Thursday

Nightfall Update #2 — Thursday, November 5th

It's the official start of Nightfall and the weather is great! It's currently (as of 2:30PM) 75° F with a slight breeze. Skies are clear with the exception of some high clouds off to the north.

Nightfall 2015 — Wednesday

Nightfall Update #1 — Wednesday, November 4th

For those eager to get started on Nightfall, Wednesday is arrival day.

I hit the road a bit late... not getting on the freeway until about 2:45PM. Not advised. But, now I'm here and all is well. Here are some photos from the drive.

While the weather was beautiful in the early evening, it's not so astro-friendly tonight. It's mostly cloudy, breezy and in the low 60s. Things should start improving dramatically tomorrow!

Nightfall 2015!!!

It has begun! The 2015 Nightfall Star Party & Imaging Conference is a very popular event. What makes it special and different from all other star parties, you ask? Well, let's make a list:
Hotel rooms—Yes, real hotel rooms with things like electricity and water... absolute luxuries compared to most star parties!Pools—Not some watering hole. Actual pools... 2 of them.Hot tubs—Soothe your aching back after a rough night of looking through the eyepiece or sitting at the computer.RV spaces—Finding a star party in California with flat and level areas for RVs is rare enough. How do full hookups sound? Nightfall has 'em.Showers and bathrooms for the RVers—Clean, hot, plentiful showers. So, let's kick this off with some daily updates from the scene!

Update #4 — Saturday
Update #3 — Friday
Update #2 — Thursday
Update #1 — Wednesday

Did you attend? What did you think? Leave a comment below!