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The Lagoon and the Trifid

As mentioned in the previous post, now is a good time to view the central bulge of our galaxy and the plethora of astronomical objects contained within it. The Lagoon and Trifid nebulae are always great photographic targets as they're fairly bright and close together in a camera's field of view.

With just a camera, a decent lens, and a small tracking mount, an image like this is possible.

Milky Way at GMARS in July

July is a good time to view the Milky Way in the northern hemisphere. If you can get to an area with little light pollution to the south, you can enjoy the spectacular sight of the central bulge of our galaxy. From GMARS, there's a fair amount of light pollution to the south unfortunately. The collective lights from Palm Springs, Cathedral City and everything else in the Coachella Valley brighten up the sky and wash out the stars, nebulae, and molecular dust. But it can still be an impressive sight to behold.