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Software Bisque Workshop - Hardware Arrives!

The Bisque folks showed up this evening and they brought the arsenal with them! Along with literature, software, projectors, and some cool battery packs, they also managed to bring a Paramount ME II, a Paramount MX+ and the new Paramount MyT.

Software Bisque Workshop - Preparations Underway

This weekend, Software Bisque, developers of the planetarium software TheSkyX and designers and manufacturers of the Paramount series of robotic telescope mounts, is holding a hands-on workshop for owners of their mounts at GMARS, the dark-sky site of the Riverside Astronomical Society.

As the photos below show, preparations are underway for the software and hardware workshops.
These first two fall under the "software" category.

The hardware workshop will take place with a working Paramount in the club's garage.

The software workshop will take place in the east house.

And then, of course, Edison decided to postpone the scheduled power maintenance that was supposed to take place last weekend to this weekend. The maintenance window is 9AM to 1PM. As of 2:05PM, the power is still out.

2:10PM: Power is back!

Recap of the 2014 Nightfall Star Party & Imaging Conference

The 2014 Nightfall Star Party & Imaging Conference is a wrap. It was another great success!

The weather was great with the exception of the clouds that rolled in Saturday night and stuck around all day Sunday (but most people were leaving by that time). A small disturbance of clouds rolled through on Friday night also but it only lasted for about an hour then it cleared up nicely.

Daytime temperatures were in the low and mid-90s. Evening temperatures were as cool as 58 but generally closer to 65. Attendance was excellent although the RV park seemed to be at only 70% capacity or so.

Most of the footage at the Palm Canyon Hotel & RV Resort in the video below was taken on Thursday before most attendees had arrived, hence the somewhat vacant appearance in some of the shots.

All of the photos below, except the eclipse image, were taken using a Takahashi FSQ-106ED X-III telescope (106mm aperture quadruplet refractor at f/5, 530mm focal length), a Canon EOS 60Da camera, an Astro-Phys…