Nightfall 2015 — Saturday

Update #4 — Saturday

By Saturday, pretty much everyone who will be arriving has arrived. The RV park is looking pretty full and there's lots to see and do. My wife, sister and I opted for breakfast at Red Ocotillo, doing some solar observing, and hanging out by the pool. All good choices.

Here are some quick, single images from my imaging session tonight:

Five minutes of M42 straight from the camera, with satellite trails and all.
Ten minutes of the Pelican straight from the camera.
At 6:05PM, I was standing talking to my wife and sister. I was facing west southwest when I noticed an orange trail shooting up over the mountains leaving a sparkler-like trail. It quickly burst into a giant cloud that got larger and larger over the next couple of minutes. We were all stunned and amazed! We later found out that it was a test launch of an unarmed Trident II missile from the Kentucky submarine somewhere off the San Diego coast.