Nightfall 2014 Has Begun!

Another successful Nightfall is done! See the Recap post for photos and a video!

Sunday, 10/26: The clouds from last night stuck around and it's actually overcast today... But that's all well and good as today is the last day of Nightfall.

With the exception of the clouds on Saturday night, the weather was fantastic and another successful Nightfall is on the books. Stay tuned for a recap post coming soon!

Saturday, 10/25: Early this AM (about 12:45-1:15AM) there was a small caravan of clouds that passed through followed by a slight increase in wind speed, but everything passed within 30-45 minutes and it was beautifully clear for the rest of the night.

Afternoon clouds passed through and the wind picked up. But now, at 9:45PM, it's clear with a breeze of only 1-2 MPH. Temperature is 70F.

More clouds began passing through around 11:30PM and are sticking around. Looks like imaging is done for the night.

Friday, 10/24: The weather continues to satisfy... No clouds, light breeze during the day, 90s during the day and 60s at night (a little warmer tonight than previous nights).

More clear skies and warm summer-like temps at Nightfall on Friday.

Thursday, 10/23 @ 2:25PM: It's well into the 90s and more people are showing up. The partial solar eclipse has also started! Perfectly clear skies here to enjoy it!

Clear skies at the Palm Canyon Hotel & RV Resort today (10/23/2014).

Thursday, 10/23 @ 1:00AM: It's down to 62F, perfectly clear, no wind, and I'm imaging away! The SQM is reading 21.15, which is equal to a naked-eye limiting magnitude of about 6.2 at the zenith.

My laptop screen as it controls the mount, camera, and autoguider while imaging the Horsehead Nebula.

Wednesday, 10/22 @ 9:45PM: While the official start of Nightfall is tomorrow, 10/23, there are more than a dozen astronomers out here tonight. Thin clouds are passing through but they seem to be clearing. It's 68F with an occasional very light breeze (2-3 MPH). The resort is all set with red lights and all is looking good!

Nightfall is under way! I'll post periodic updates here with the latest at top...