Triangulum Galaxy, M33: Quickie Style

In my recent tradition of taking too few images with too short exposure times and foolishly not using any calibration frames, here's an image of M33, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Triangulum. From our line of site, it's a neighbor of M31, the Andromeda Galaxy. But at a distance from our Sun of about 3 million light years and in the same general direction, it's also an actual neighbor of M31. Both galaxies, as well as our own Milky Way galaxy (and a few dozen other galaxies) are all in the same universal neighborhood and referred to as the Local Group.

M33, NGC598, the Triangulum Galaxy, the Pinwheel Galaxy
AG Optical 10" f/3.8 Newtonian telescope and FLI ML11002-C camera.
45 minutes (3 x 15 minutes). No flat, dark, or bias frames.