M13 Surrounded by Tiny Galaxies

M13 is one of the best known globular star clusters in the sky, and probably the best known in the northern sky. What isn't as well known is the fact that there are hundreds of tiny galaxies in its immediate vicinity. These galaxies aren't actually close to the cluster but they appear in the same field of view from our perspective.

Below is a 2-hour exposure of the great globular star cluster. Click on it for a larger view and notice all of the faint, small galaxies throughout the image. For the full resolution image (3600x2400 pixels), click here.

M13 and a multitude of galaxies.
120 minutes (12 x 10 minutes), dark subtracted, not flat-field corrected.
FLI ML11002-C (not color converted), AG Optical 10" Newtonian, SB Paramount ME II.