Southland Astronomy in Winter. What is There to Do?

Plenty! Winter often sees a slow down in amateur astronomy activity due to cold-ish evening temperatures, the lack of an eye-popping Milky Way overhead (there's only an "Oh, I think I see it." Milky Way overhead during Winter), and the flurry of activity from non-astronomy-related happenings like the holidays, starting the new year, and getting back to reality.

But, it's doesn't have to be that way, and the RAS is seeing to it that it's not!

January 31st through February 2nd: The RAS is having a star party at the Palm Canyon Hotel & RV Resort in Borrego Springs. This is the same place Nightfall was held last November. We enjoyed the newly remodeled accommodations so much that we decided we need to go back... soon! This is in addition to the regular monthly star party at GMARS, so take your pick!

More info:

February 28 through March 2nd: The RAS will also be hosting a FREE Imaging Star Party at GMARS. GMARS has great facilities for viewing and imaging the skies, sharing information with others, and conducting impromptu lectures and roundtables. Even if the weather isn't perfect, a lot can still be learned from getting together and sharing information with other astrophotographers — and when it can be done in a comfortable environment and for FREE, even better.

These should help carry you through the winter and ensure you make it to spring!