Star Trails Over GMARS

The evening of 4/12 was a good one at GMARS. The wind stopped around 12AM and left us with a great view of the sky.

Stars trail as the Earth spins on its axis. Planes fly overhead, car headlights light Goat Mountain and my red headlamp leaves a trail of its own.

Canon EOS 60Da, Sigma 15mm f/2.8 EXDG Fisheye at f/4, 150 sixty-second exposures, ISO 1000.
Startrails program combined the images.


  1. You also caught a meteor, immediately to the right of the pole. Nice shot.

  2. Thanks, Ralph. It's amazing how many short, dim meteors there are in shots like this. They don't come out well once the image is downsized, saved to JPG, etc. That one east of Polaris made a nice line though.


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